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ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 Series Course 【阪本研究所 SK laboratory】

ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 Series Course

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What is "ISO"? We will teach from basics to internal audit for those who are the first to work on ISO in the company. * Business flow diagram, prevention and correction reports etc. will be made, and course completion certificates will be issued.


Please select either ISO9000 series or ISO14000 series


ISO 9000 Series Basic Course 280,000 yen


ISO14000 Series Basic Course 300,000 yen



Course times vary according to customer requirements. Please email us in advance.

Contact: kazuyoshi.sakamoto10000@gmail.com


Communication in Japanese is available.



  • More information

    We will provide special support according to your request. Please feel free to email us. Contact email address: kazuyoshi.sakamoto10000@gmail.com


    For example,


    You don't have time, so you want to take a short course.


    Since you are in charge of ISO for personnel changes, you want to learn only the outline in a short time.


    You want to be able to explain the contents of ISO with PowerPoint.

  • Refund policy


    We will not offer a refund after the course starts, as we will conduct the course after confirming the contents with the customer before purchasing.

  • Remark



    One to one individual lessons. We will adjust the level and time according to the customer's request.