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English Vocabulary & Grammar Reinforcement Course 【阪本研究所 SK laboratory】

English Vocabulary & Grammar Reinforcement Course

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We will teach you the tips for strengthening the vocabulary based on the meaning of the 26 letters of the alphabet and the word source. The target is for people who remember basic words learned in junior high school and high school, however do not improve their word skills. We will disclose all references, notes, etc. used actually and provide know-how to efficiently memorize words.


English Words Vocabulary Reinforcement Course (About 2 hours)  10000 yen

*Private lesson


English grammar reinforcement course (about 2 hours)  15,000 yen

*Private lesson


Use text: "English grammar commentary" "Royal English grammar" etc.


Communication in Japanese is available. 



  • More information

    We will provide special support according to your request.


    For example, in the following case


    You don't use English at work, but you want to raise your TOEIC score in a short time for promotion and internal exams.


    You want to study only the points in a short time and make others think like you used English before.


    You want to write a blog about English books, so you want to know the points of good English reference books and the contents of English books.


    You want information to talk about interesting English stories and English knowledge in schools and companies.


    You want to learn about correspondence with foreign companies and English grammar often used in a company.

  • Refund policy


    The course content will be fully explained and the course will be started only when the customer is convinced, so basically no refund will be made.

  • Remark


    TOEIC 700 points or more are eligible. We will teach you some tips on how to memorize English words for exams and English words used in business especially difficult to remember. Lessons are deep content such as prefixes, suffixes and stem formations.