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English Negotiation Writing Course 【阪本研究所 SK laboratory】

English Negotiation Writing Course

SKU: KS007


We offer individual lessons including trade knowledge, such as how to negotiate and interact with overseas business partners by email, and what kind of English expressions to use.



This lesson is for people with a TOEIC score of 700 or more.


*English business negotiation e-mail course, basics (approximately 2 hours) ¥ 10000


 *English Business Negotiation Mail Course / Application (approx. 2 hours) ¥ 15,000


Communication in Japanese is available.




  • More information

    One to one individual lessons. We will arrange the contents of lesson to your request. We will do our best to solve your current problems in the business .


    We will provide special support according to your request, so please email us in advance.


    For example case as follows,


    You want to write a  special sentence which is Intentional and advantageous into your contract to avoid  future troubles.


    Actually there is a defect at your side,however,  you want to conclude an advantageous contract after concealing it.


    You have troubles, however. you want to make a sentence  based on the contract to claim compensation from the other party without spending the court fee.



  • Refund policy

    Since lesson is started after completely consenting, basically no refund will be made.



  • Remark

    After the course is over, at your convenience additional questions and requests will be added to the order