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Support for setting of your website 【阪本研究所 SK laboratory】

Support for setting of your website

SKU: KS004


We will support you in setting up free websites such as WORDPRESS, Ameba, FC2, Blogger and WIX. In addition, we also support the question of how to use the home page you already have, the adjustment of the personal computer, etc.

Your mobile phone number for configuration is required.


15000yen for WORDPRES

10000yen for Ameba

10000yen for FC2

10000yen for Blogger



This support is for people who use the website for the first time. We can go to the place where you want us to come in Osaka and support setting it there. In that case, after listening to your requests in details by e-mail or telephone, we will submit a quotation to you before your purchasing.


Communication in Japanese is available.





  • More information

    Our policy is "Community-based support" that is not only through the Internet but also meeting customers in a courteous manner. However,  we will make a special response upon your requests.  Please feel free to contact us by e-mail.


    For example case as follows,


     Since youe're in a hurry, you want to respond us only by exchanging mail. 


    You want to make other people's website, not yourself. 


    You want to know how to set it up. 


    You want us to do setting it with your own personal computer or smartphone. *


    For the time being, as you just want to put "URL" on your business card, you want us to finish setting in a short time. 


    YouI do not want to update the website after opening of website.


    You want to have multiple free websites.


    You want to  link to your homepage to increase the number of links.



  • Refund policy

    Before setting, we will discuss or confirm details with the customer. Since setting is started after completely consenting, basically no refund will be made after the start of setting channel.


    If it can not be set by our failure, we will refund the  price,10000yen only.

    At that time, please note that we will not compensate for the incidental expenses, damages, etc.



  • Remark

    In addition, we will not do editing, adjustment, etc. that the chennel itself changes greatly at your convenience . This is an additional order.

    However, if you want to deletel the channel at your convenience after the settimg , we will delete it.