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阪本研究所 SK laboratory 代表 Kazuyoshi Sakamoto 旅行・社寺巡り・古墳調査・じゃらん旅行記

About SK laboratory / 阪本研究所 https://kazuyoshi10000.wixsite.com/kazu1000

For many years I’ve engaged in import and export trade business, government development assistance project business, English, German translation, fire & disaster prevention products to foreign government offices, import and export sales of vehicles.


After my retirement, I’m now engaged in import and sales via the Internet, web design, producing videos, and English translation.


Currently, I’m working on "local community-based" and full-fledged to provide high quality and fulfilling customer service.


As the representative of SK laboratory, I believe important abilities required in the world are "appealing abilities via Internet," "communication ability via English," and "individual business ability via Internet ".


These three abilities are closely related to each other, and SK laboratory provides support for the improvement of these abilities.