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阪本研究所 SK laboratory 代表 Kazuyoshi Sakamoto 旅行・社寺巡り・古墳調査・じゃらん旅行記

About SK laboratory ”阪本研究所” / 大阪府八尾市

About SK laboratory ”阪本研究所”


For many years I’ve engaged in import and export trade business, government development assistance project business, English, German translation, fire & disaster prevention products to foreign government offices, import and export sales of vehicles.


After my retirement, I’m now engaged in import and sales via the Internet, web design, producing videos, and English translation.


Currently, I’m working on "local community-based" and full-fledged to provide high quality and fulfilling customer service.


As the representative of SK laboratory, I believe important abilities required in the world are "appealing abilities via Internet," "communication ability via English," and "individual business ability via Internet ".


These three abilities are closely related to each other, and SK laboratory provides support for the improvement of these abilities.



Upgrade three abilities
SK laboratory will provide you with satisfying support.


SK laboratory (The Sakamoto Research Institute) offers variety of support lineup with a full range of three skills: "appealing abilities via Internet," "communication ability via English," and "individual business ability via Internet ".


You can find the right skills and business support to meet your needs without fail.


The representative of SK laboratory will directly respond to all your questions and requests.


Please feel free to email kazuyoshi.sakamoto10000@gmail.com.


WEB &Video production support
Outsourcing ability to appeal to the world via the Internet


For those who set up a website for the first time, SK laboratory will explain the support for free website creation and how to use it in an easy-to-understand manner. Also, SK laboratory will teach you how to make videos that can be posted to Youtube that can appeal to the world.


English speaking& writing skills support
Ability to communicate with the world via English


SK laboratory will support you to acquire advanced writing skills such as grammar correct English, negotiable business English skills, and English contract terms, not just the level that you should be able to communicate with the other party.


Trade business and online shop support
Personal business skills through the internet and English


C to C's business style will increase sharply. In order to avoid problems, SK laboratory will provide important support such as knowledge on import and export trade , L / C issuance, contracts, as well as knowledge on cultures of different countries.


Special support
Whatever your intention


SK laboratory will do our best to support our customers in all respects, and provide support for various


needs. For details, please see the following.


In addition, SK laboratory constantly strive to expand and enhance our support.




If you are looking for support that has not yet been provided by our laboratory,


Please contact kazuyoshi.sakamoto10000@gmail.com.



Community-based support
Promise your satisfaction


SK laboratory is committed to 100% satisfaction with all our customers.


Especially at the local area of this institute, SK laboratory will always meet with customers and listen to directly the desired content in Yao city, Osaka.


SK laboratory is starting to offer support after customers have completely accepted the contents.o SK laboratory will continue to provide the best support for your future.


Customer dedicated support


SK laboratory will customize the content, level, time, etc. that you need according to your intention.


Therefore, the amount of money varies depending on the content. SK laboratory will provide support after you have agreed to the estimated amount.


SK laboratory will promise smooth and speedy support.


Support via Internet
The best service


SK laboratory is currently based on community-based, face-to-face with customers and listen directly to your request. For busy customers, SK laboratory will respond via e-mail via the Internet.


SK laboratory will meet your every need, so please do not hesitate to leave it to us.


At first please contact the following mail.


Business hours
Telephone correspondence is the following


Mon-Fri: 9: 00-22: 00


Sat: 10: 00-22: 00


Sun: holiday


Email: available 24 hours a day.



DEEP JAPAN produce.



Kazuyoshi Sakamoto is also an adviser of
NN skill laboratory.



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Kazuyoshi Sakamoto,representative of SK laboratory is also an adviser as follwing 
private company.