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CD:ビートルズ The Beatles 「The ultimate unreleased collection vol.2」【Rakutenラクマ】

ビートルズ CD:The Beatles 「The ultimate unreleased collection vol.2」です。全33曲と2枚分程度の多くの曲が1枚に収録されています。 音質は全体的にクリアーではありません。レコード時代の海賊盤が音源だと思います。


ビートルズ The Ultimate Unreleased Collectionの通販 by kazu119's shop|ラクマ



1. I'm Talking About You (Saturday Club)
2. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Saturday Club)
3. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream?) (Here We Go)
4.  Besame Mucho (Here We Go)
5.  A Picture Of You (Here We Go)
6.  Happy Birthday (Saturday Club (Fifth Birthday Edition))
7.  With Monday To You (From Us To You)
8.  Crimble/All I Want For Christmas Is A Bottle (Saturday Club Christmas Show)
9.  Shout (Around The Beatles)
10.  Catswalk (Cavern Club Rehearsal)
11.  Bad To Me (Acoustic Demo)
12.  How Do You Do It? (Take 2)
13.  Leave My Kitten Alone (Take 5)
14.  If You've Got Trouble (Take 1)
15.  That Means A Lot (Take 1)
16.  12-Bar Original (Take 2)
17.  Hello Little Girl (Decca Audition)
18.  Love Of The Loved (Decca Audition)
19.  Like Dreamers Do (Decca Audition)
20.  Las Vegas Tune (Outtake)
21.  St. Louis Blues (Outtake)
22.  Not Guilty (Take 102)
23.  Come And Get It (Take 11)
24.  Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (Get Back Session)
25.  Christmas Time (Is Here Again) (Take 1)
26.  What's The New Mary Jane? (Take 4)
27.  Suzy Parker (Get Back Session)
28.  Heather (Postcard Sessions)
29.  A Case Of The Blues (Acoustic Demo)
30.  Watching Rainbows (Get Back Session)
31.  Brian Epstein Blues (Outtake)
32.  My Girl Is Red Hot (Star Club, Hamburg, 25th December 1962)
33.  Jessie's Dream





ビートルズ The Ultimate Unreleased Collectionの通販 by kazu119's shop|ラクマ



The Beatles - Goodbye (Paul Demo)






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