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The survey of fire fighting situation in Rabat, Morocco

The survey of fire fighting situation in Rabat, Morocco



These photos are part of a business trip from Senegal to the Rabat fire department.


At that time, Morocco was out of the ODA target countries.


All vehicles provided were made by CAMIVA, a French fire manufacturer. The Fire Department was well organized, had a maintenance plant and was fully equipped with repair parts.


This fire department is considered to be the same situation now. We asked the Fire Department about using Japanese-made fire fighting vehicles.


The fire department's answer is, "If you can even fix the fittings to fit the Stoise type, We would like to use a Japanese-made fire engine. However, because we already use these French vehicles and adapt the system to them. It is difficult to use Japanese-made vehicles. "






We, SK laboratory will do overseas business trip surveys and also support trade of import & export.


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