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DVD : The Beatles 「Winter Of Discontent」/ ビートルズ 「不満の冬」【Rakutenラクマ】

ビートルズ のGet Back セッションの様子を収録したDVD 2枚組、The Beatles 「Winter Of Discontent」不満の冬(ふまんのふゆ、英語: Winter of Discontent)です。かなりのコレクター、マニア向けです。当時、大阪の日本橋でんでんタウンにあるCDショップで新品で購入しました。


●映画 'LET IT BE' と共通の映像もありますが、その部分は映像が抜群にきれいで、しかも音声がクリアなステレオです。


●RooftopのGet Back(2テイク)や Don't Let Me Down がステレオ音声で聴けます。 ポールのベースラインが鮮明に聴こえます。 またDon't Let Me Downは映画ではなく、オリジナルのフルステージショットです。(街並み・一般人やヨーコが映らないバージョン)また、他貴重なセッションシーン(白黒映像)満載です。



Stereo Video Album
1-1 Get Back
1-2 Don't Let Me Down
1-3 I've Got A Feeling
1-4 The One After 909
1-5 Dig A Pony
1-6 Get Back
1-7 For You Blue
1-8 Dig It
1-9 Two Of Us
1-10 The Long And Winding Road
1-11 Let It Be
1-12 I Me Mine
1-13 Get Back (Montage)
Apple Studio, Savile Row, London, 23 January 1969
1-14 Get Back
1-15 Get Back (Chorus And Solo Rehearsals)
1-16 Get Back (Begin The Beguine Take 2)
1-17 Get Back (Greatest Take Ever)
1-18 I've Got A Feeling/Help!/Please Please Me
1-19 Playback And Discussions
1-20 Disscussions And End Of Session
Apple Studio, 25 January 1969
1-21 For You Blue (Rehearsal)/For You Blue (Introductory Take)
1-22 For You Blue (Take 2)
1-23 For You Blue (Honky Tonk Piano Version)
1-24 Discussions And Playback
1-25 For You Blue (Jamming & Rehearsing)
Nagra Remaster
1-26 Don't Let Me Down
1-27 Dig A Pony
1-28 Get Back (Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour)
2-1 Don't Let Me Down
2-2 All Things Must Pass
2-3 All Things Must Pass
2-4 Exit Stage Left
2-5 Tennessee
2-6 Across The Universe
2-7 The House Of The Rising Sun
2-8 Commonwealth Song
2-9 Enoch Powell
2-10 One Way Out/John, John
2-11 Peter Sellers Visits
2-12 Oh! Darling/Improvisation
2-13 Jamming With Yoko
2-14 Billy's Song
2-15 Get Back
2-16 Two Of Us
2-17 Bye Bye Love/Two Of Us
2-18 For You Blue (Playback)
2-19 Let It Be
2-20 Let It Be (Playback)
2-21 Let It Be
2-22 Blues Jam
2-23 Jamming With Heather
2-24 Dialogue With Paul
2-25 Dig It/Miss Ann
2-26 The Long And Winding Road/Little Demon
2-27 I've Got A Feeling
2-28 Dig It
2-29 I Want You
2-30 All Things Must Pass
2-31 Octopus's Garden (Colour Remaster)
2-32 Rip It Up/Shake Rattle And Roll (Colour Remaster)
2-33 Kansas City/Miss Ann/Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Colour Remaster)
2-34 You Really Got A Hold On Me (Colour Remaster)
2-35 Besame Mucho
Let It Be...Naked Promotional Reel
2-36 Let It Be...Naked Trailer 1
2-37 Let It Be...Naked Trailer 2
2-38 Let It Be...Naked Trailer 3
2-39 Let It Be...Naked Commercials 1-7
2-40 Two Of Us (Internet Promo Clip
Original Promo Clips
2-41 Get Back (1969 Promo Clip)
2-42 Don't Let Me Down (1969 Promo Clip)
2-43 Let It Be (1970 Promo Clip)
Cavern Performance
2-44 Some Other Guy
2-45 Silent Footage






The Beatles' "Winter Of Discontent" double DVD set presents the serious Beatles collector with what can truly be considered as a definitive “Get Back” DVD document. Years in the making, Picture Perfect offer a comprehensive collection of Get Back material as its never been seen before!
Running close to three and a half hours in total, it features not only the entire “Get Back” video album in crystal clear remastered picture and sound but also a plethora of bonus material from the Apple Studios from January 23rd to the 29th 1969, Twickenham Film Studios in the first two weeks of January and plenty of other seldom seen footage.
Get Back - Stereo Video Album:
This DVD set includes a full length 13 track Get Back video LP with each track remastered in glorious stereo.


The Get Back recording sessions: Headlining the package are 46 minutes of recording sessions from two productive days at Apple Studios January 23 & 25, 1969. January 23 was devoted almost entirely to creating the song “Get Back” and here we get a fly on the wall view into the recording process. We see the Beatles chat, joke, tune, rehearse and try some serious attempts at recording the song. Over 75% of this footage has not been seen in this form, meaning inferior copies of some of this footage has circulated, but contained few moments of audio that matched the film. Here Picture Perfect present all the footage with correct audio painstakingly researched from hours of Nagra audio reels. This process required studying silent footage and finding the bits of sound required to sync to film.
A tedious process indeed, but one that comes with a big pay off …46 minutes of Beatles recording footage!


Highlights of the January 1969 footage include:
Paul showing Billy Preston the piano chords to “Let It Be” for the first time
John imitating Yoko
The “I’ve Got A Feeling/Help!/Please Please Me” segment that now runs longer than ever before.
The sessions for the 23rd also include some very long control room segments. We see and hear the excitement over the “Get Back” recording progression, with comments about getting it out as a single NOW. Even George expresses his excitement over the song.
For You Blue: A real rarity, a recording session devoted to George’s new song! Completely new to DVD are the following segments: George introduces the song and explains its origins. Long rehearsal segments that include George naming the song at John’s request. John experiments with different objects to play the slide guitar. George inquires about piano sounds and how to make it sound like an old honky-tonk. Take 2 with several false starts, control room segment with George Martin and more.
Note: The recording sessions listed above now appear for the first time from the master source tape for this material. Any previous release of this material has come from a 3rd generation VHS with incorrect audio. Also please note, this is not the Get Back session footage that concentrates on John and Yoko. This footage contains shots of all four Beatles from both A&B cameras.
The Beatles can be seen and heard saying that they are packing it in for the night and thus ends the day’s session.
Winter Of Discontent
Highlights of the second disc (“Winter Of Discontent”) include the 2nd reel of Get Back outtakes, appearing far superior to previous issues of this material. Extensive time went into the remastering of this footage. The inferior audio has been replaced with improved sound sources from the Nagra rolls. The reel had several silent segments that have now been located and synchronized. In addition to the remastering, the entire reel has been placed in chronological order. Highlights include: “All Things Must Pass”, “Commonwealth”, “House Of The Rising Sun”, a visit from Peter Sellers, “Two Of US”, “Let It Be” rehearsals, “I Want You”. And a bonus of “Jamming With Yoko”.
January 26, 1969: Highlights includes: “Rip It Up/ Shake Rattle and Roll”, “Kansas City/ Miss Ann / Lawdy Miss Clawdy” in STEREO!


Also included: LET IT BE… NAKED promotional reel. This material was produced by Apple in 2003, and contains some incredible colour footage from the January sessions.


Special Bonus tracks: With the January 30th rooftop concert being the last filmed Beatles concert, Picture Perfect thought they would include some truly rare footage from the Beatles first professionally filmed performance at the Cavern club on August 22nd, 1962.













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