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Excel, Word, Powerpoint course 【阪本研究所 SK laboratory】

Excel, Word, Powerpoint course

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This course is for those who are new to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and those who have never used it. We will explain from installing using your PC to basic usage. Choose one from Excel, Word, Powerpoint.

This is a one-on-one personal lesson. We bring a PC from us, and we will explain using your PC.


Communication in Japanese is available.


We think that new employees have already learned the basics at school. However, working in a company requires advanced skills in Excel and Word. In company promotion exams, it is common to present using Powerpoint. It is important to learn the basics as soon as possible and get used to it through work.







  • More information


    We will provide special support according to your request.

    Please feel free to email us.

    Contact address: kazuyoshi.sakamoto10000@gmail.com


    For example, in the following case


    You have used Excel and Word so far, but you want to learn only points in a short time as you have used it.


    You don't use it in your company position, but you want to learn in a short time only what it looks like.


    You want to be at the level you have used before about basic Excel and wards to get a job at another company.


    You want to learn simple content that you can not ask subordinates or bosses any more.

  • Refund policy


    We will confirm the contents of the request with the customer before purchase and start after the customer agrees, so basically we will not do a refund after the start.

  • Remark


    If you require advanced skills such as programming and software development, please feel free to contact our professional staff.

    Contact email address: kazuyoshi.sakamoto10000@gmail.com