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Internet Sales Course 【阪本研究所 SK laboratory】

Internet Sales Course

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We will provide our lecture about Internet sales for those who want to sell on the internet for the first time. And also we will teach you some basic tips such as how to create your  account, tips on sales, and notes. 


10000yen for lecture about Internet sales  (2hours) 

*Private lesson


We also support the creation of your account for internet sales.

In this case, your mobile phone number is required.


Communication in Japanese is available.


  • More information

    We also offer special support according to your request.

    Please feel free to contact us by email before purchasing.

    Contact: kazuyoshi.sakamoto10000@gamil.com

    For example, in the following case


    You want to learn good writing when you refuse.


    You want us to interact directly with the other party instead of you.


    You want you to increase the likes of your online shop.


    You want a goodonline reviews for your shop.

  • Refund policy

    We will meet with customers before purchase and start after consent, so basically we will not give you a refund after starting support.

  • Remark

    We may refuse to open an online shop that deals with anything that is against public morality or that is regulated.